Aug 8, 2011

Plaza Research Beverage Study $125/$150

Plaza Research Beverage Study $125/$150
Plaza Research Las Vegas is currently looking for participants for a new Nationwide study coming up in August 2011! As with all Plaza Research studies, participants are booked on a first come first serve basis. Not all participants who complete the pre-questionnaires will qualify for the study, nor will everyone receive a callback. Please do not call in reference to the study. If you pre-qualify, a recruiter will contact you with further questions and details.

By clicking on the link below and/or answering the questions, you are confirming you understand the above statements and policies. You are also agreeing to fill out the survey honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

*Referrals for these studies are welcome! Please forward this email to anyone you think may qualify.

Topic: Nationwide Beverage l Online Bulletin Board
Who: Men & Women ages 18 to 54
Length/Pay: 3 day Online Bulletin Board - $125 / Possible Video Diary - $150
Where: Wherever you have Internet access!

Natiowide Beverage Survey Link Below


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