Aug 4, 2011

Outrageous School Supply Lists?

I've been holding in this one for a couple of months now.  My boys start school  in a few weeks, so I feel this is the perfect time to approach the subject of school supplies. I think first grade list is outrageous . My kid will never use 36 glue stick or 4 boxes of crayons. I refuse to buy them I do not mind providing what my kids need in school but we cant afford to buy for the whole class we have three children and another on the way. I feel sorry for the parents that can afford to buy their kids school supplies but I am not going to fit the bill for it. As you can tell, I'm not happy about this, not one bit. When I was in school we brought pencil boxes with our own school supplies that all had our names on them.  As we ran out our teachers would send a note home telling my parents that we were low on supplies. My parents always sent what we needed the next day.

First Grade 
• 36 plain #2 pencils 
• 1 pack pencil erasers 
• 36 glue sticks 
• Crayola Crayons - 4 boxes of 24 
• 1 pair of blunt tip scissors 
(please mark with child’s name) 
• 1 pack of index cards 
• 2 packs of spiral white index 
cards (3X5) 
• 1 back pack, non rolling (please 
mark with child’s name) 
• Zip-loc bags (girls – quart size, 
boys – gallon size) 
• 1 plastic pencil box (8X5) 
• Headset (please mark with 
child’s name) 
• Washable markers – optional 
• Small, personal, handheld pencil 
sharpener – optional 
• 2 plastic pocket folders (1 blue/1 
***Additional items may be added at 
the beginning of the year from your 
child’s teacher

Second Grade 
Pencils (36) 
**Crayons (1 small box) 
**Markers  (1 small box) 
**Spiral Notebooks or Compositions 
Books (4) 
Glue sticks (12) 
**Pencil Box 
Quart size Freezer Bags (girls only) 
Gallon size Freezer Bags ( boys only)  
** Please label these items before 
sending them to school. Other items will 
be kept in a community box. 


Stacey Donaldson said...

The school supply lists seem to get longer every year. My daughter is going to be a Jr in high school this year and I must admit that I am relieved that the lists are much shorter now! When she was in private school "water color pencils" made the list every single year, drove me crazy because you can only find them in art stores!

New follower :-)


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