Apr 19, 2012

Big G Curvy Straws Review & Giveaway Now Closed

Big G Curvy Straws Prize Pack photo
Big G Curvy Straws Review & Giveaway
Now Closed

Are your kids just like mine. My boys get up and make their own cereal every morning. When I come down stairs there are two bowls setting on the counter filled with the left over milk they never finished. General mills has solved my problem. They have created Curvy Straws that will be coming out in specially marked boxes of General Mills Cereal. They have created them for kids like mine who leave their milk behind. My Boys used the the straws that came in the box and guess what they drank almost all the milk. We all thought the straws where a cool idea.  Maybe for different reasons. They thought they where cool . I was glad they did not wast the milk and now I know they are getting the calcium the need.

 Did you know that simply drinking the leftover milk from cereal bowls may help kids work towards fulfilling their body’s daily dairy, calcium, and Vitamin D needs? And what better way to slurp down to the bottom of the bowl than with the new Curvy Straws, available in-pack of specially marked boxes of Big G cereal! With these collectable, connectable Curvy Straws, children of all ages can enjoy mixing and matching to build bigger, colorful straws all while helping them work towards stronger 
bones and muscles through increased calcium intake!

To find out more about General Mills Check out their web site.

Participating Big G cereals include 
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch® (17 oz.)
  • Lucky Charms®(16 oz.)
  • Reese’s® Puffs (18 oz.)
  • Honey Nut Cheerios® (17 oz.)
  • Trix®(14.8 oz) 
  • Cocoa Puffs® (16.5 oz)

Thanks to General Mills and My blog spark one of our lucky readers will win a Prize pack.

The Prize pack with contain the following

1 box of a participating Big G cereal

1 Curvy Straw

1 ‘spilt’ milk bowl

2 glow cups

2 tangle toys

“Disclosure:  The prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”


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