Jun 28, 2011

Join Me! Answer polls, participate in discussions and sample products with me.

Join Me! Answer polls, participate in discussions and sample products with me.

crowdtap activities include polls, discussions, feedback, view and share, hosted parties, and sample and share
Give Insight. Help Charity. Get Rewarded.

Tap in to engage and promote with leading brands. Test new products and earn rewards while also helping charities.

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What's Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is a social marketing platform that enables you to be rewarded for ideating and promoting with leading brands, entertainment properties, non-profits and startups. As a member you earn cash for rewards and charity for taking surveys, sampling new products and promoting your favorite brands.
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Your Ideas Matter

Brands and agencies want to hear from YOU. Your insights and experiences are the most important factors in product and campaign development. On Crowdtap, we provide the opportunity to engage with products and services early on so you can influence the final product.

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Earn Rewards for Yourself

Earn points and cash for completing polls and opportunities on Crowdtap. Once you have earned at least $10, you can cash-out for an Amazon.com gift card.

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Earn Money for Charity

Help out those in need while you earn cash and engage with brands! On Crowdtap, 5% of your earnings are automatically donated to the charity of your choice, and we match your 5% donation with a donation to the charity, as well.http://bit.ly/hC3yt8


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Anything for those not living in US...like me?

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