Jun 17, 2011

Doody Digger

Picking up dog poop has never been this easy! 

Made of recycled high density polyethylene, the non-stick Doody Digger™ is strong and lightweight. The one-handed, upright design prevents back and knee strain. The patented shovel end works on any surface. Just scoop and let gravity do the rest!

Doody Digger gave us the opportunity to try this in our home and boy did this make the kids job a lot easier. Hate picking up poop well Doody Digger will make   life easier. No more smelling poop are touching it. The boys would wine and say that they hated bending over picking up poop well they cant complain anymore. With Doody Digger threes no more bending over to scoop it up. Just scoop it up and it and goes into the bag. Doddy Digger is really easy to use just attach you bag and be on you way. 

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