Apr 28, 2011

Product Testers/Reviewers Wanted!!!

Volunteer beauty junkies willing to slather on the beebalmbee's best skincare/haircare products.

Want to test the latest and greatest beauty products before anyone else?
Become a beebalmbee beauty tester! Get free goodies!

Sign up to be a beebalmbee beauty tester. You'll receive beauty products in the mail!
You'll get to test them, keep them! And give feedback that could be featured in our website! Interested? Of course you are!

BBB is currently looking for a few trendy and openminded men or women to try, test and review our product lines.
Reviewers must have a blog/twitter/youtube or some other venue to chat about beebalmbee. Reviewers must also have a substantial fan base/following on said venue.
If you are interested in becoming a product tester/reviewer for beebalmbee.com, please send the following information to admin@beebalmbee.com.
What's in it for you? Testers/Reviewers get FREE products! We can also offer you the certificate of online marketing activity as a reporter.
Serious bloggers and beauty fans only please!!! If you are chosen to test/review beebalmbee products, you will be contacted by a manager.
Thank you so much, hope to hear from you!

1. Your Information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth(optional):

2. blog/twitter/youtube name with link

3. No. of fans/followers

4. Any Comments?


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