Apr 25, 2011

Mystery Shopping

Anyone out there do Mystery Shopping?

I did my first shop last week. I quit my jobs a few months ago to stay home with our 8 month old son . We really do not have the money to got out to eat like we use to so I started looking in to mystery shopping. I just joined a site that does it for long horn me and hubby went to long horn the other night and got paid $40 to shop long horn . All we had to do was fill out survey it took me about 15 minutes to fill it out. I did not get paid yet but this is a valid site because my sister has done many shops for them . I just thought it was cool so I thought I would let everyone know about it.


SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Neat! Can you pass on the link to the company you work for?

DHidey said...

I use to do mystery shopping--I kept getting lots for hair salons! there are only so many times you can get your hair cut! But when I did-the shampoo and cut were free! I also visited a sunglass store and got to spend $15 - which didn't go far in that particular store. My fav was when I had to drive by an auto store and see if they had a certain sign in their window!
Good luck on your mystery journey.

I found you through the Alexa blog hop!


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