Jul 18, 2011

Free Old Navy Jeans

"Show off your Style with Old Navy Jeans!" Sample and Share! FREE Jeans are Up for Grabs!

Old Navy just launched a sample share titled "Show off your Style with Old Navy Jeans!" to you.

If selected for this Sample and Share, you get a coupon in-store for a free pair of jeans of your choice! and one coupon for a friend.

Applications are due by July 24, 2011.


Dee S. said...

Crowdtap is such a great site and offers some amazing opportunities. I was able to host a Hawaiian Tropic Party a while back and it was so much fun. I can't wait until I qualify for something else. I never seem to be the right demographic for Old Navy, but it's great to see others get this freebie! Great blog also.

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